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Melbourne Salsa Classes


Alma’s Melbourne salsa classes are a social space designed for only the hard-working and elite breed of salsa dancers to come together and push each other to growth and betterment. This event was originally designed to revive salsa in Melbourne by providing high-level classes and social with a vast variety of salsa music. 


We value music, it’s influence and importance in dance above all else in our community and classes. Every salsa class we run is designed to raise awareness towards different sections of salsa music and the appropriate body-movement associated with that section. 

We specialise in two main genres of salsa dancing, On2 and Cuban with our Rueda and Cuban instructor Tram and our on2 salsa classes with Arti. We aim to stay updated with the latest trends and updates in the Latin dance community all around the world and to deliver the newest material. 


We pride our self in being excellent instructors and very specialised hence we don’t always cater to everyone’s needs and only take on a particular group of passionate and goal-driven clients. We strive to be the community of versatile and heartfelt dancers that are contributing to making salsa great again!

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